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Quality control

QC Profile

1. Outsroucing components quality control system

2. Make production instruction according to customer's requirements of machine ( professional suggestion shall be given to customers should the requirements have doubts. Production department make components, like screw, barrel etc according to drawing by CNC and other machines, QC will check the size regularly before assebmly.

3. After machine finished, it will be run 24 hours in our factory.

Customers can also come to our factory to test machine with their material to check if pelles made by the plastic pelletizing machine is in line with their standard, and if required output can be reached.



Issue Date:2017-06-15
Expiry Date:2018-09-15
Scope/Range:Design, Manufacture and Service of Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder, Pelletizer
Issued By:Beijing Hengbiao Quality Certification Co., Ltd


Issue Date:2016-06-11
Scope/Range:SJSL-20, SJSL-30, SJSL-36,SJSL-40, SJSL-51, SJSL-60, SJSL-63, SJSL-65, SJSL-75, SJSL-82, SJSL-95, SJSL-135, SJSL-150 ZL51/100, ZL60/120, ZL65/150, ZL75/180, ZL95/200 YD-30, YD-45, YD-60, YD-90, YD-100, YD-120, YD-150, YD-180, YD-200
Issued By:Safenet Limited