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How can I be sure if your extruder can produce my material smoothly before I place the order?

We always welcome you to visit our factory, and if you can send us your raw material, we will perform free live trials with you so that you can see the end results of the plastic granules.

How can I monitor the production period?

During production, we can send you a ‘4-box report’ every two weeks to update you how the production is running. Photos and videos are always available upon request.

C.What if I need to replace some parts of the machine due to wear and tear?

When you purchase our extruder, there are free spare parts for you to start with. We always recommend our customer to purchase some spare parts for the parts that are constantly under wearing (such as screw elements and pelletizer knives, etc). However, if you happen to run out, we always have spare in our factory, and we will send them to you via air freight so that it does not disturb your production.

D.Can you provide the material formulation or help with product development along with the extruder production line?

We are always happy to support your product development programmes. With more than 20 years of experience in the plastic modification industry, we have learned many standard plastic formulations, including fully degradable PLA for bags & bottle and water/hot-soluble film, etc. We are also well connected with several experienced senior formulation experts and they will also support us with formulation developments.

What is your typical lead time?

Lead time to produce a full extruder production line varies depending on the size of the extruder. Typical lead time would be in the range from 15 days to 90 days.

How do I get a quotation?

Please get in touch with us with your target material, material application, production rate and any other requirements, via email, phone call, Websiite, or Whatsapp/Wechat. We will reply to your enquire ASAP.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single and Twin Screw Granulator

Both single screw and twin/double screw extruder are designed to produce plastic granules. However, single screw and twin/double screw extruders are different in terms of material mixing & kneading, plasticizing, temperature control and ventilations, etc. Hence, selecting the right type of extruder is paramount to achieve production with maximum efficiency.

Single Screw Extruder Twin Screw Extruder
Advantage Advantage
1.For recycling material, feeding is easier compared to twin screw extruder 1. Temp. control is precise, and very limited damage to the performance of raw material, good quality
2. Price of single screw extruder is lower than twin screw extruder 2. Wider application: with function of mixing, plasticizing and dispersion, it can be used for plastic modification and reinforcing etc besides plastic recycling.
3. Plastic granules is more tight and no hollow as it has vacuum system to exhaust the waste gas maximally,
4. Small energy consumption: because the output revolution of screw is very high (~500rm), and thus heating of friction is high during production process, and heater almost no need to work. It saves about 30% above energy as compared with same production capacity single screw machine
5. Low maintenance cost: Thanks to toy brick construction (segment construction), only damaged parts need to be changed during future as a way to save cost.
6. Cost effective
Disadvantage Disadvantage
1. No function of mixing and plasticizing, only melting granulation 1.Price is a little higher than single screw extruder
2. Temp. control is not good, and it can damage the performance of raw material easily 2.Feeding is slightly difficult compared to single screw extruder for light and thin recycling material, but it can be made up by forced feeding or using single screw feeder.
3. Gas exhaust is not good, so the granules may be hollow
4. High maintenance cost and energy consumption
What is the two/double stage extruder?

Two/double stage extruder in simple terms is two extruders connected together, where both single screw and twin/double screw extruders can be used in the combination. Depending on the material formulation, the combination varies (i.e. single + double, double + single, single + single). It is mostly designed for plastics that are heat sensitive or pressure sensitive or both. It is also used in recycling plastics as well. For more details, please visit our download centre.

Why Yongjie should be your choice of business partner?

Let’s be frank here. You are here looking for both high quality and good price. Since we are an experienced Chinese manufacturer, you are in the right place. We will provide you with German standard machinery with ‘Chinese’ price! Contact us for more details and quotations.

How many types of screw elements are there and what are their functions?

Twin screw extruders has two co-rotating spindles, where sections of screw elements are lined up on them. The screw elements perform a major role as they are the ones that processes the materials. There are several categories of screw elements available and they all have different functions, such as transmission, shearing, kneading, etc. Each category also has many types as they differ in angles, forward/reverse direction, etc. A suitable combination of screw elements is vital in getting good quality plastic granules.

How do I know the optimum screw element combinations for my material formulation?

For most common plastics, we are experienced enough to know what combination is suitable and we will provide you with the arrangement for free when you order. For other specific materials, we always perform production trials to get the best combination and we will provide that to you for free as well.

What is your delivery method?

All products are fully and tightly wrapped with thick, water-proof industrial plastic foils. The wrapped products are then packed carefully inside certified wooden crates, and transferred into the cargo container. Depend on your destination, the sea freight can take from 2 weeks to 1.5 months to arrive in your factory. In the meantime, we will prepare all documents and sent them to you for custom clearance.

How long is your warranty and how about after sale services?

All our machines come with a free one-year warranty. Once the twin screw extruders reach your factory and basic installation is carried out according to our instruction book, our experienced engineer will come to your factory for final installation, production trials and training. Until the production line is fully online, and your workshop staff is fully trained to operate the extruders themselves, our engineer will remain on site for your peace of mind. When your production line is running smoothly, we will check with you every two months about the machine conditions. If you have any concern or request, you can feel free to contact us via email, phone call or Apps (Wechat, Whatsapp, etc).

What are the advantages using under/in water pelletizing method?

Firstly, under/in water pelletizing method is necessary for materials that are too soft to be cut by other methods. When the material formulation is just too soft, using other pelletizing methods, such as water strand, air cooling hot-face or water ring hot-face, the granules will just constantly stick to the cutting knives, which the shape and size of the granules will be inconsistent and the production rate will be very low. Secondly, the shape of the granules pelletized under/in water are always in beautiful round shape due to the water flow, comparing to the rectangle shapes from other pelletizing methods. Thirdly, under/in water pelletizing twin screw extruder production line is highly automated comparing to other methods, where labour cost for operating the production line is much lower.